Nutrition Therapy

In the past, seeing a registered dietitian for nutrition counseling traditionally involved a focus on food and body—what to eat and what not to eat, a meal plan, weight and height measurements, perhaps even calories and exchanges. Over the last number of years nutrition counseling has evolved into nutrition therapy—a process that is client-focused, process-oriented, and relationship-building. The main goal of this counseling is to address the thoughts and feelings that are connected to one’s relationship with food and body. Challenging distorted myths about food, teaching the science behind how the body works, and how food can nourish both mind and body are all integral parts of this counseling paradigm. Helping people tune into the internal wisdom about eating with which they are born through the process of Intuitive Eating is the focus of my counseling services. I mainly work with people to heal disordered eating and eating disorders. I also counsel in the areas of preventative nutrition, pregnancy, and some medical conditions.


The credentials that follow my name are: M.S., R.D.N., CEDRD, F.iaedp, F.A.D.A., F.A.N.D.

The M.S. stands for Master of Science degree. The R.D.N. means Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, the CEDRD means Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian, the F.iaedp means Fellow of the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals, the F.A.D.A. means Fellow of The American Dietetic Association, and F.A.N.D. is short for Fellow of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, (formerly, the American Dietetic Association ). A registered dietitian must meet certain criteria determined by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, including prescribed coursework, a hospital based traineeship or internship, and a qualifying exam.  A Certified Eating Disorder RD must meet rigorous requirements for certification in the field of treating eating disorders. A Fellow of the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals is a category of membership of this professional eating disorder organization which is an honor available to highly committed and accomplished professionals.  A Fellow of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (as well as the former American Dietetic Association) has completed advanced requirements including a minimum of eight years of registration as a dietitian, a written publication, a national professional network of dietitians, service in the dietetic community, and a written exam, among other qualifications.

Individual, Family, and Group Counseling

I offer 45 minute counseling sessions for individuals and for family members. Most sessions are held in my office, but telephone and Skype sessions are available when appropriate for those who are unable to travel to the office. I have conducted group-counseling sessions from time to time over the years.

Professional Supervision

Supervision sessions are available for dietitians and psychotherapists who are interested in expanding their Intuitive Eating counseling skills. I also run a monthly supervision group for dietitians and psychotherapists.

Office Policy

Welcome! I look forward to working with you in helping you to achieve the goals which motivated you to find me. The following are guidelines which will clarify my office policies:


Sessions can be held in my office
or can be arranged by telephone
when appropriate for those unable to travel



I am available to assist you by telephone for a few minutes, if you need me between sessions during the week. Just leave me a message, and I will make every attempt to return your call as soon as I can. I check my voicemail intermittently throughout the day and will return your call that day, if possible, but certainly by the next day. I generally do not return calls in the evening or on the weekend. You are also welcome to leave me a short message to report your progress at any time, and you are welcome to e-mail me with any thoughts or concerns. I will print and read your e-mails but will not be able to respond by e-mail. We will discuss the content of your note at our next session. If you need to speak to me for longer than a few minutes, please consider setting up an extra session in person or by telephone that week. If there is an emergency after hours, please call 911 or the emergency room at your nearest hospital.


Regular sessions are 45 minutes in length. I make every attempt to begin sessions on time and appreciate your cooperation in ending them on time. It is essential to begin and end all sessions on time, as my clients are generally scheduled back to back, and I will not be able to make up any time that might be lost by arriving late. Please consider the contingencies of traffic, road-work, and finding a parking place, and leave plenty of time for these variables.


It is preferable for me to receive payment at the time of your session. If you could have your check written before the session begins, we will be able to use the full session to your benefit. In some cases, I understand that it is necessary for me to bill you or another party for my services. I am happy to cooperate with you in that regard. I would appreciate payment as soon as possible upon receipt of the statement. In regard to insurance, some insurance companies cover nutrition counseling services; however, many do not. If you would like, I will have a separate superbill prepared for you so that you may submit it to your insurance company. Often, a letter from your doctor referring you to a registered dietitian will help in obtaining coverage. If you do choose to submit an insurance claim, any reimbursement will go directly to you, as you will have already paid me directly for your session.


A 48-hour notice (i.e., two full business days) is required for all cancellations. With such notice, I am able to schedule someone else in your time slot. If your appointment is scheduled for a Monday, please call by Thursday of the previous week (or preferably sooner), if you need to cancel the appointment. If your appointment directly follows a holiday, any cancellations must be made two business days prior to the holiday (or, again, preferably sooner). If you are sick on the day of your appointment or have car trouble, we can conduct our session on the telephone. Unfortunately, I will have to charge you for any appointment which is canceled without sufficient notice. If, however, I am able to fill such an appointment, I will not charge you for the cancellation. Also, please do not cancel an appointment using your mobile phone, as transmission is not always reliable. If you must use a mobile phone, please ask me to call you back confirming the cancellation. I would also appreciate it if you do not cancel an appointment through e-mail. My ability to check my e-mail throughout each day is variable, and I may not be able to read your note with sufficient time for me to fill your cancelled appointment. I appreciate your cooperation in these regards.


Our meetings are held in strict confidence. A release form will be used to obtain permission to speak to your physician or psychotherapist. When working with minors, I find that it is important to respect their right to privacy. Privacy allows for greater trust between the child or teenager and myself as the dietitian, which enhances the effectiveness of the treatment. Privacy allows for a mutually respectful therapeutic relationship to be established.

My general policy regarding minors and confidentiality: During treatment, I will provide parents with only general information about the progress of the treatment. Any other communication will require the child’s authorization, unless I feel that the child is in danger or is a danger to someone else, in which case, I will notify the parents of my concern.

Family sessions and parent coaching: If the minor and I both feel that it would be helpful to discuss eating issues with the family or have a family session on occasion, I am willing to do this. I find that this kind of collaborative work with parents can be very helpful.

Additional treatment: If, in the course of treatment, it becomes clear that a child or teenager would benefit from more intensive treatment than we have originally agreed upon, some privacy may need to be surrendered to the parent in order to provide for the minor’s therapeutic needs. I will use my best clinical judgment in determining what information to share with parents and will only communicate information which will be most helpful for the health and well being of the child. In addition, I will consult with the other professional team members to provide the best recommendations for the child. I will also discuss the matter with the child, if possible, and do my best to handle any objections he/she may have.

These guidelines have been established to facilitate our work together. Please feel free to comment on them or ask any questions that you may have. I am here to meet your needs and offer you optimal care. You have the right to end your treatment at any time, for whatever reason, without any moral, legal, or financial obligation, except for fees already incurred. You have the right to question any aspect of your treatment with me and to expect that I will work with you to meet your needs for adjunctive or alternative treatment. You also have the right to expect that I will maintain professional and ethical boundaries by not entering into other personal, financial, or professional relationships with you or any of your family members—all of which would compromise our work together.

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